Life Cycle in Digital System


En explorant une perception du développement de la vie et les arts plastiques numériques, cette nouvelle série de courts métrages d’animation crée une série de nouveaux systèmes de cycles de vie associant les sciences biologiques, la musique et une vision artistique imaginative. Ces œuvres d’art ont été présentées à la XIe exposition des Arts de Chine et à l’Université Tsinghua. Si seulement l’horloge de notre vie ne s’arrêtait jamais… Si seulement nous pouvions rester éternellement jeunes. Si seulement notre corps âgé pouvait renaître, tel un nouvel embryon au printemps, et redevenir jeune ! N’est-ce pas ce dont on rêve le plus souvent ? Ce rêve pourrait cependant vraiment devenir une réalité, si nous détenions la clé de la grande circulation de la vie. Ne dites pas que c’est la mort qui donne un sens à la vie parce qu’elle n’existe que quand on n’a aucun savoir permettant de combattre le vieillissement et aucun pouvoir contre la mort. Il est certain qu’en tant qu’individus, nous allons tous vieillir au fil du temps et nous allons tous un jour disparaître, comme les feuilles des arbres. Mais de nouvelles feuilles continueront à pousser sur l’arbre de la vie, de saison en saison, de génération en génération. Notre arbre de vie pousse depuis des millions d’années et continuera à pousser pendant des millions d’années. C’est cette grande circulation qui fait que notre vie est la plus belle et demeure à jamais jeune. Mais cette grande circulation passe par un lieu apparemment vulnérable qu’on appelle le placenta. Oui, c’est le point de départ de toutes nos vies circulaires… Dans ces œuvres, les techniques numériques de visualisation en 3D ont été utilisées pour créer des images associant les sciences biologiques à une vision artistique imaginative, pour créer une série de nouveaux systèmes de cycles de vie. Nous avons utilisé MAYA 2008 et AFTER EFFECT pour l’animation, et le son de ces œuvres d’art a été créé avec Sam.


With exploring a perception of life growing and digital visual art, These new serials short animation films create a serial of new life cycle system combined biological life sciences, artistic imaginative vision and music together. And these art works were invited to show in the 11th China ART Exhibition and Tsinghua University. If only the clock of our life would never stop…if only we could stay forever young…if only our aged body could be reborn, like a new embryo in Spring, and growing youthful again! Isn't this the most dreamed dream we have been dreaming for? Yet this dream could really be fulfilled, when we understand the key of the grand circulation of life. Do not say that it is death that gives the meaning to life because that is only when we have no knowledge to fight aging and no power to go against death. Sure as each individual, we will all grow old in time and we will all disappear someday, like a leaf on a tree. But the new leaves will keep growing out from the tree of life, season after season, generation after generation. The tree of our life has grown for millions of years and it will still be growing for millions of years. It is this grand circulation that makes our life the most beautiful and forever young. But this grand circulation goes through a seemingly vulnerable place we call placenta. Yes, all our circular lives start from here… In these works, 3D computer visualization techniques were used to create a scene that combined biological life sciences and artistic imaginative vision to create a serial of new life cycle system. We use MAYA 2008, AFTER EFFECT to do animation. And Sam create the sound for these art works.

Creative concept art and visualization techniques

A lot of artists always try to explore more inbeing behind physical surface with imagination. And some of their art work can be helpful for contemporaneity scientifical, even for future research. With the development of technology, the tool of art workhave been extended from paper to mobile, from 2D to 3D. What kind of technology should be choosed is a common question when we want to show a creative concept. There always exist impossibility and possibility during production process. And art always starts from the bottleneck of science.  
Lifecycle001, Hui Zhu
Lifecycle Script, Hui Zhu
Review those serious situation in China’s animation. Good design will be a new road for such animation industry and market. Even though China's animation has a decades-long history, China's animation industry can still be considered to be a young one. Despite this across-the-board expansion, approximately half of the China's animation output is produced for other countries, and there is still a serious shortage of original content animation and resources within the TV and film industry. The animation industry in China is mostly sustained by either government support or by jobs that are outsourced from other countries. And the number of firms with the ability to produce individual animation pieces that exceed thirty minutes falls drastically to the teens. Only a few Chinese animation companies that create original content animation can survive within this environment; most must rely on government support. What is a successful design? Successful design will be a bridge to connect concept art and accessible technology. In this life cycle program, at first the concept art is an idea from meditation. The idea is exciting but wispy. Based on our program investment, maybe 2d animation will be fit for such phantasmagoric theme. But for program deadline, maybe 3d animation is more controllable for limited time. And during explore such theme, there are some similar things have been found between life cycle with digital art, such as from 1 to 0 code. Based on viewers expectation, 3D computer visualization techniques were used to create a serial of process that combined biological life sciences and artistic imaginative vision to creatively show a new life cycle code. Everything in the world is in constant change. So is our body, in the form of split and fusion. With exploring a perception of life growing, more and more digital art work create various life cycle systems combined biological life sciences and artistic imaginative vision together. From representationalism to abstract expressionism, different form express different modes of sensory delivery. With digital technology, this programe shows different views of life cycle, from inside to outside, from microcosm cells to macroscopic universe, from end to regeneration of life.

Individual and generation

One person could be looked as himself or the representative of his generation, his nationality. The same with this life cycle program. There is only one female character who experience from youth to eld and regeneration. She can be looked as one person or the human kind, experience gereration after generation. It depends on different viewpoints, from inside to outside, from local to international.
Lifecycle002, Hui Zhu
We all hope these digital imaginations could enlighten reality gene project. Do not say that it is death that gives the meaning to life because that is only when we have no knowledge to fight aging and no power to go against death.