The Quantum Dimension of the Complexity Art and its Interacting Quanta


Myriam Solar is a multidisciplinary artist based in Madrid. She is graduated in Communication Sciences by the Complutense University and has exhibited her work since 1987 in festivals, congresses and international projects of galleries, museums and universities of USA., Canada, Germany, England, Sweden, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Japan, China. Her work has deserved awards and distinctions in Spain, Sweden, Italy and Chile and is in public collections including Museo Español de Grabado Contemporáneo, Spain, The Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art, USA, The Goldmith Collection, England, etc. Myriam Solar´s work focuses on the complexity art and aesthetics developed in interaction with the nature, interspecies and the emerging technology whose bases has formulated by approximation and resemblance with the theory of the complexity and other areas of the knowledge, between of them, the fractal geometry, chemical, biology, quantum physics, cybernetics. In her work one can traced different levels of interests connected to the emerging empirical typology of the complexity art such as: natural fractal art, 4th-D art, bionic art, art of the techno-bio-organisms, the zoo-drawing and the quantum art. Last two categories present derivations with applications to the other emerging areas such as the zoo-narrative and the literature and quantum poetics (


To penetrate in the tetradimensional space in search of open situations to the quantum states is a complex probability of the more experimental contemporary art, the art of the complexity that explores unstable dynamic processes of interaction with the macrouniverse and the microuniverse. The access model must contain a system of structure nonlinear opened to the change and equipped with a capacity of transmission of information and direction of certain fundamental forces towards an objective. The objective must be the one to reach or to intercept another dimension “that exists there but that we do not see”, that is to say, the classic one be there and here of the cat of Schrödinger,that makes reference to the notion of duality of the wave or particle. This concept that serves to begin to understand the scene of the quantum worlds does not explain, nevertheless, how a phenomenon takes place and visualizes that is modulated in the emptiness associated to the consciousness, the one of the creator.
Q-biostructures, photogram quantum video © Myriam Solar
Q-Birmania, quantum microphotograph, optic prism, Burma ruby, led © Myriam Solar
Q-Hyppocampus sp, photogram quantum video © Myriam Solar

Emptiness, consciousness and quanta

The emptiness and consciousness of the creator concepts must unfailingly be renowned to understand their possible meaning in a participation universe in which there are quanta carriers of contents of the emptiness, the same emptiness and the consciousness of the creator. The emptiness can be defined as the total absence of matter in a determined space or place, something similar to the nothing or the absolute one, that transports amounts of energy or quanta (the electromagnetic waves propagate in the emptiness in the form of small packages or corpuscles of energy called quanta) and establishes possible actions simultaneously, that is to say, that they have the probability of being (or not to be) something that lodges some degree of consciousness. The consciousness would be the knowledge in himself of the corpuscles of energy in the form of mass, body or replica of which shares the space of the emptiness. The consciousness of the creator would be, therefore, the one that occurs in the world of the psychic experience of that interacts with of that interacts with the emptiness according to the type of mind of it, that following to Penrose, who establishes the bases of a biophysics of the mind – unifies the reality in its mathematical, physical and psychic dimensions.

Conditions of participating manifestation

The basic question is that in this process only one part of that reality of three dimensions of Penrose arrives at the conscientious level, from where is that as much the emptiness as the quanta and the consciousness of the creator are participating beings subject to the initial conditions of manifestation of the matter. In the world of science it is said that certain natural phenomena and objects present, in one first stage, conditions of material and tangible manifestation that they do not have physical existence, reason why must be transported or tele-transported, in one second phase, - by the light, electromagnetism, the gravity, the vibratory fields – in the form of waves or particles, which gives physical organization them. On the other hand, as it postulates the physics, the emptiness is a substance or dense energy that occupies the space. A monade species of to the way of Leibnitz that in the universe in which we lived is elastic, stretches, doubles or shrinks, being able to be molded by other energies with different degree of consciousness with which it interacts to generate something that exists or can get to exist. In synthesis, so that the empty alum its possible creations makes lack that the natural processes of interaction are present and evolve in a direction or another one.

Process of Co-creation

This it would be the moment at which the spark of something new ignites that is going away to create associate to the consciousness of the creator and the corpuscles of energy of the emptiness, adding itself a new element that renown the creative process, happening to be a process of co-creation by co-evolution between the quanta, the consciousness of the creator and the emptiness.

Quantum dimension of the art of the complexity

In this quintessence everything is in movement and vibrates, an essential condition for its transformation in the phenomenon, the object or the organization that will illuminate the emptiness and that to the art of the complexity allows to say here “is something”, an event, a singularity that at some time will transfer the threshold of its intangible slightness to be registered and to be seen, although does not get to reach the density sufficient to have gravity. An emergent phenomenon of organisms and subtle bodies whose existence is found in the limits of the nonobservable thing which becomes manifesto by a process of co-creation of the emptiness, the consciousness of the creator and the interacting quanta.

Résumé (français)

La dimension quantique de l’art de la complexité et l’interaction de ses quanta

Pénétrer dans l’espace tétradimensionnel à la recherche de situations ouvertes à l’état quantique est une probabilité complexe pour l’art contemporain le plus expérimental, l’art de la complexité qui explore le processus dynamique instable d’interaction avec le macro-univers et le micro-univers. Le modèle d’accès doit contenir un système ouvert au changement et être doté de la capacité de transmettre de l’information et de diriger certaines forces fondamentales vers un objectif, à savoir celui d’atteindre une autre dimension « qui existe là-bas mais qu’on ne voit pas ici » par référence à la dualité onde-particule. Ce concept permet de commencer à se faire une idée des mondes quantiques, mais il n’explique ni le processus, ni le mode de visualisation du phénomène modulé à l’intérieur du vide associé à la conscience, celle du créateur. Ces derniers concepts de vide et de conscience du créateur doivent être renommés si l’on veut comprendre ce que signifie la participation des véhicules quantiques de l’information, du vide et de la conscience du créateur, soumis aux conditions initiales de manifestation de la matière. Dans l’opacité de ces processus d’interaction émerge le processus du créateur qui se trouve être un processus de co-création par co-évolution des quanta, de la conscience du créateur et du vide, dotant l’art de la complexité de la dimension quantique quand il permet la prise en compte de la singularité ou de l’événement de la réalité de mondes parallèles ou quantiques.